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Plastic Baby Dolls

Looking for a fun choice to add excitement to your home? Check out our vintage fun doll lot! We have a mix of vinyl dolls from mixed lots, our goal is to offer a lot of fun Plastic dolls to add excitement and fun to your home. We hope you enjoy.

Best Plastic Baby Dolls

The 3 barbie club is a club for Plastic baby dolls, these dolls can be enjoyed by both male and female friends. The two african american boys who help care for the dolls are chelsea and aj, and the girl doves provide the addition touch, this place is a first-class place for any parents to keep their children's Plastic baby dolls entertained and safe. This vintage fun dolls lot is where you will find all of the fun and fun for one another in the sense of marketing, these Plastic baby dolls are in need of a healthy up-dating process, as they are scouring to come up with a new home for themselves. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, it's hard to not find at some point, this is an early Plastic baby dolls in blue outfit and pajamas from 1999. It imparts a soft body and blue eyes, this is a peerless buy for any baby collector or baby group. The Plastic dolls are from the 1920 s and are in good condition, they are soft and colorful and make outstanding additions to all baby room.