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Baby Doll House

This is an unrivaled miniature oak polymer clay Doll House for the new born or baby boy, this House is produced with a soft, soft felt floor and a felt ceiling. It comes with a plastic nursery chair and a baby doll, the House can be converted into a comfortable and homey environment for the baby, his family and their friends.

Vintage Baby Girl Doll, Doll house Rubber miniature 2 1/2
21/4 To 3 Inches
BEETY bee 🐝 Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House Mini Doll .. OPENED but NEW!!

BEETY bee 🐝 Cry Babies

By IMC Toys


Vintage 1983 Playmates Doll Halloween Creepy Scary Haunted House Prop
Calico Critters Baby Tree House Playset Doll House Epoch

Calico Critters Baby Tree House

By Calico Critters


Barbie Kelly Tommy Doll House Baby Nursery Happy Family-Yellow Ball - Cute
Redhead Crying Baby Boy Doll - Granville House Sitting Porcelain in Box

Redhead Crying Baby Boy Doll

By Granville House


Vintage 1950s Renwal No. 8 Hinged Infant / Baby for Doll House (2 1/4
Vintage 1960s Doll House Baby Doll Sleepy Eyes
Barbie Kelly Krissy Baby Doll House/Clothes Nursery OOAK Red Lot of 5* red

Barbie Kelly Krissy Baby Doll

By mostly Mattel


Best Baby Doll House

This is akid's idea of a fun and playful house, this soft and warm House is top for a little one year old or younger. The baby Doll House is working to provide a place for the little one to play and learn, the crocheting and bisque characters make this House a special addition for the one you're close to. This is a beautiful baby Doll House with rows of rainbows in the pillars and front french doors, the House is add-on for your home and can be customized with different players and inhabitants. There is an 12 inch scale in the front door that can be used to customized the inhabitants of the house, this baby Doll House is exquisite for making a single or double room into a custom dollhouse. The bedroom can be into the living room with a large bed and comfortable against the heat, the living room can be filled with a small child's chair and a small piece of furniture to create a comfortable home office. There is again a small bedroom for a small child or a big toddler, the kitchen can be filled with a countertop oven and a small refrigerator. The bedroom can be filled with a nightstand with a nightlight and a set of clothes for and a few boxes of toys, baby toys can also be stored in the bottom of the house. This baby Doll House was made in 1981 and is a popular toy for children, the House is colorful and full of features, including a headless horseman and a talking doll. It is for sale at a price below cost of purchase.