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Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll Girl

Looking for a Sweet and charming spoonful of rice in your rice bowl? Look no more than the baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls baby Doll girls, these doll-style rice spoons are unequaled for any store searching for realistic and comfortable rice bowls.

Hasbro Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll Girl

This is a soft and cute baby Doll with a Sweet spoonful of rice and baby food on her nose, she presents a green and white human like eyes and a small blue baby food to her neck. There are two little green and white children's toys on her shoulders, and a green and white piece of cloth with the baby's name and date on it on the back, this is a very cute baby Doll Girl with a Sweet spoonful of rice on her bed. She looks so happy and safe, you can see the desire that is shared between her family and friends. She is so safe and loved, this Doll is an enticing symbol of how care and desire can bring happiness and security to a family. This is a brand new in box baby Doll Girl Doll in blonde color, she imparts a baby- Alive Sweet Spoonfuls of baby powder and 8 x powdered Doll brim. She is new and beneficial for the young performer, this little baby is alive! and sweet! and full of joy! She loves to eat and drink, and loves to be held and loved. She's been raised by her mom and dad, and she knows how to adopt a spoon! She's also got a big head and long arms, so she can reach a lot of food, baby Alive is so happy and content, and she'serving all the food off our baby Doll Girl doll. She's an extra special favorite for baby Alive Spoonfuls baby Doll girls.