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2000 Mattel Miracle Moves Baby Doll

This baby Doll from 2000 Mattel Miracle Moves is an interactive working girl that provides a lot to offer parents and parents-to-be when it comes to children's development and through play, the Doll comes with a lot of features and amenities that make it straightforward for parents to do just that- provide their children with opportunities to grow and learn. The 2000 Mattel Miracle Moves baby Doll is an unequaled addition to the growing family of options available and offers an interesting look at the era of the 1920.

Miracle Moves Baby Doll

The Miracle Moves baby Doll is an 20 inch tall 2000 Mattel Miracle Doll that can interact with children in a special way, the Doll presents a special work function that allows him to move and reach out with his arms and legs. He is again interact with children in a special surrogate by having plate that reads "2000 Mattel Miracle doll, " the Doll also grants a golden mask on his head that says "2000 Mattel Miracle Doll 19. " he is furthermore interact with features such as a parents card, a special work function, and a movement, the Doll is a rare piece of 20 inch tall furniture and is a top addition to all collection. The Mattel Miracle Moves baby Doll is an 2000 model that is an interactive working girl, she is a very rare vintage rare! This Doll is moreover available as an 20 inch tall model. She is an exceptional addition to all home decorator or baby room, this is a top-grade vintage 2000 Mattel Miracle baby doll! The eyes move and turn around you! The one is over 6 months old and she is so soft and well made. She is practical for your baby's cot or playpen, this is an enticing value for the price! The Mattel Miracle baby Doll 2000 feels like real baby. This 2000 model feels heart warming and feels like a real baby, she is a blue t-shirt and blue pants and gives a blue quilt over her head. She imparts a blue line of fur running down her spine.