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22 Inch Baby Dolls

This 22 Inch baby dolls line is designed to provide the parents with the best possible chance of finding their daughter a life-long friend, the dolls are lifelike and are made from silicone cloth which makes them very safe for children's homes. There are several colors and styles to choose from, so you can find a top-grade doll for your daughter.

22 Baby Dolls

These reborn baby dolls are top-notch addition to your newborn's household, this soft silicone vinyl baby doll is enticing for keeping your new child-in-law company. The 22 baby dolls are realistic and look like their real babies, they are top-rated for teaching children about birth and growth. This 22 Inch nixon really is a baby doll, she is cranked up and really soft to hold. The reborn doll is machine-made and tight to move, but she’s real, you’ll admire her little body and- what’s happening inside her? The reborn doll renders all the details: her hair, her body, her operations. You’ll get a sense for how much work goes into making a reborn doll, and how much enjoy and care is put into each and every one of the this baby doll from 22 is a reborn version of a real life baby doll, she is 22 inches in size and includes a new born girl vinyl silicone body. This doll is top-quality for a special gift, she is created with high quality details and features a beautiful blue and pink color scheme. She comes with a retail for $14, this baby dolls from 22 inches reborn is a realistic baby doll that is manufactured of soft silicone body in 22 Inch size. It is exquisite for children who are 2-5 years old, the doll provides a pretty blonde hair and soft skin. She is accurate and realistic in every way.